30 January 2011

Roger the Jolly

I ran a silly little invasion this evening.

There were numerous younger exiles within town earlier today, and all was peaceful.  I thought that it would be fun to run a lower-end invasion for them.

A ship sailed undetected to Puddleby docks, and Darshak poured forth onto the beach.

The younger exiles rallied to defend the town, and with the aid of some of the more experienced exiles, the citizens of Puddleby managed to control most of the battle.  The Darshak were strong-willed and would not be denied the prize of Puddleby Beer.  They pushed forward!

After much back-and-forth fighting, the captain of the raid, Roger the Jolly, took to shore and faced the defenders of Puddleby...

 ...with predictable results.

Thanks to who participated in making the invasion a lot of fun, and special thanks to the other GM who added some wonderful details to the event!

27 January 2011

If I Only Had A Brain

The V687 update brings some new, subtle changes to the Clan Lord universe.  One new change is not so subtle: the problem concerning logs of wood inexplicably vanishing should now be resolved.

I had printed a copy of the script that powers the log of wood, read through it, and marked a lot of notes within the margins.  The script is not small by any means – it filled six printed pages!  I was mildly surprised that something as simple as a log of wood could be so lengthy and complex.  Moreover, as I reread the script, I realized two things: (1) I was out of practice in debugging scripts (shame on me), which lead to (2) I could not locate the cause of the problem within the script.

As the update drew near, I made a comment to the other GMs regarding this bug.  LogOfWoodGM responded by applying a patch to the script, and I would like to acknowledge that it was he – not I – who made the final fix.  My heart was in the right place, but my brain was not.

09 January 2011

It's Log, Log, Log!

I spent a couple of hours this evening reading through the bug logs.  My guestimate is that there were 250 bug reports awaiting categorizing!  I filed away around 50 – maybe a little less than that.  Some of the bugs were "one minute" fixes (correcting spelling errors, removing NPCs from under chairs).  The most popular bug that I have noticed has been the "Log Of Wood" bug.

This bug is very basic (and apparently it is also very common): a player attempting to harvest a log of wood who is then interrupted will typically lose the log of wood without any notification.  Wood behaves less like a log and more like a fragile balloon.

This will be the first script that I tackle for a V687 repair, making it better than bad.

06 January 2011

The Magic Elves Have Been Away, Too

I noticed that the bug log is behind within its categorization and organization.  I had secretly hoped that the magic elves would have maintained the bug log in my absence.

I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

05 January 2011

Yappy New Year!

How YOU doin'?

One of my New Year's goals (and I am quick to note that this is not a resolution, as I seldom keep those) is to return to activity within Clan Lord.  I had a nice 10 week break – plenty of time to relax and gorge myself on Team Fortress 2 – and I feel ready to return to work.  I have numerous projects that need attention!

I stopped by the fairgrounds for some shenanigans after the V684 update:

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year, and that 2011 brings us lots of gaming fun!  (That reminds me: I need to change the splash screen and update the copyright notice.)