31 December 2011

Yappy 2011 (Again)

Happy New Year!

Another fine year comes to its conclusion – and that year is 2010.  "Now hold on one moment, Yappy," you may be saying to yourself (or aloud to the computer monitor).  "I may not be some fancy horologist, but I am fairly certain that the year is 2011 going on to 2012!"  You need not explain that to me nor to your computer monitor.  Someone may need to explain that to the Clan Lord system server.

You may have noticed that iClan has been behaving a tad unusual today with respect to its calculation of "time clanned":

This is actually the result of a small bug on the server end: one of the time conversion routines gets a little confused calculating the correct date on the eve of a leap-year year.  So once every 1,460 days we are all presented with an opportunity to impress our friends with a cheap screen shot of some monstrous hours clanned!

A happy and healthy New Year to all!

18 December 2011

Elements of Style(unk)

I surprised myself by how happy I was to see Sean Kerwin's Stylunk released for the web.  I have always loved the Mac app, and the web version – although in beta – is nothing but better.  The revised shirt/pant selection interface is especially nice, as the window now includes a preview of the clothing colors.

/thank stylunk !

17 December 2011

Eggnog? More Like EggNOD!

This is the time of year for eggnog.

A personal bit of information about myself: I love my eggnog, and I simply can not resist sneaking a cup after dinner.  And after lunch.  And before breakfast.

I shall be relieved when the season is over and I can no longer buy eggnog.  My cholesterol-clogged arteries hurt.

13 December 2011

Where Were We?

Right then.

Now that the Bawkmas content has been (mostly) delivered for V732, I can return my full attention to my projects.  I wish that I could remember which project last had my full attention!

07 December 2011

Toad Eats Puppies

I made a brief stop by the fairgrounds this evening while waiting for the update.  Silliness ensued.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I enjoyed your company!