30 June 2012

Plenty of Nothing

Real life has whisked me away from my focus on Clan Lord (and I admit that what little free time I have has been spent putting out fires).

I have no materials going in for V762, but I hope to have a lot for V765.

06 June 2012


I made some time today to undertake the unpleasant task of sorting out an issue with one of my scripts.  The problem was not difficult, per se, it was – to quote Strong Bad – a quivering pile of not fun.  I would have preferred to have been doing something more stimulating and enjoyable.

The bird's eye view of the problem was that I had a script reading random, formatted data from a file, but there were two different types of data that I needed to read.  I had to think of a way of adding a second field of data without reorganizing the overall data structure.

I made it happen.  It wasn't a pretty solution, but now my beautiful creation can (metaphorically speaking) dance and sing!  And now that this is done, I can focus on some real fun stuff.

04 June 2012

Box 3-5-0

What do you get when you cross a 1970's children's television show with a Thoom?


All these years later, I still remember the mailing address.