24 September 2013


This is not helping the development of my Clan Lord projects.

01 September 2013

The Twenty-One

I am about to undertake a major Clan Lord project.  The first step of this major project is to undertake another major project: updating the processes of the NPC training scripts.

This has been on my To Do list for some while, but only recently have I felt confident (and competent) enough to move forward with this huge undertaking.  This lead me to wonder: what else do I have on my To Do list?  While having lunch at a restaurant, I took out pen and paper and began compiling a list of open (outstanding) projects.  I was both impressed and horrified to see twenty-one items listed.

Some of the items on the To Do list are low priority (like creating a new Boss AI), while some of the projects are overwhelming in scope (like Healer subclasses).  They're all on my radar, and I've started initial first draft designs on all of them.  But it was this one particular project that I mentioned to another GM and was delightedly surprised to hear the GM commit 110% to this project.  We contacted a script helper, who also surprised me with his enthusiasm for the project and committed to the project on the spot.

So.  Big things in the pipeline, and we'll see it all "Soon!™"  As the other GM and helper begin with starting points of design, I have started the process of reviewing the training scripts.  My goal: have one less project on my To Do list.