28 February 2012

April's Fool

I recognize that it is not quite yet March, but I have realized that April 1st is sooner that I think.

In Clan Lord terms, April Fools' Day falls within the V747 cycle, which means that any of my content needs to be delivered by the March 16th deadline.  That's just a little over two weeks away.

While I am very fond of the Boardwalk areas, I feel that this year deserves something different.  I have included an informal (non-binding) poll above: what would you like to see for this year's April Fools' Day area?

27 February 2012

An Update Update

The deadline for V744 has come and gone, and I did not submit content for this upcoming update (my last update-less update was V723).  I am happy to report that, although no content was delivered by me for this update, work continues on projects!

One of these projects requires two critical scripts to power the quest/event, and I finished one of these scripts late Saturday morning (I admit that it was the easier of the two scripts).  I was unable to submit this script for the V744 update because the areas which rely on this script required updating to reflect the latest changes within the script — and those areas were also updated late Saturday morning, far past the submission deadline.

V747 will be a busy update for me!

16 February 2012


I follow Diablo 3 news, and a topic caught me eye: a fan asked "when?" and the response was "soon!":
[Question]: Do you think they were almost done, but decided to all go get sno-cones and play a few rounds of backgammon first? But now, called out for their slackerly ways, will finish it post-haste?

[Response]: It doesn’t matter, man. It’s not worth spending time trying to justify our processes, just stuff happens when it happens, we can maybe drop some hints, sometimes, other times we may not, but ultimately it’s done when it’s done and that drives some people INSANE. Can’t be helped.
Somehow saying “soon” makes people less insane, or even giggle. It’s like magic.
I found this amusing, only in that HelpfulGM has been using the term "soon!" for years.

14 February 2012

Elvus Has Left Town Center

I caused a little mischief on this Valentine's Day.  I only managed to make one sketch:

In addition to the Burninluvs, there were some Luvmitenders and Yurteddi Bears.  Nothing quite says Valentine's Day like blood thirsty monsters named after Elvis Presley songs.