13 October 2014

Math Is Fun

I've spent the past three days working on some new scripts.  One of the scripts required (ugh) math.  And not just X + Y = Z kind of math, but more like the A² + B² = C² kind of math.  I needed to draw some circles, but I forgot how to do that.  And by "forgot" I really mean "I was never really clear on how to do this in the first place."

So I asked Mr. Google.

Google returned, what turns out to be, a very good site: Math is fun!  The particular section that I needed was help on sines and cosines, and the mathisfun.com site explained these functions very clearly and simply.

Thanks to both mathisfun.com and Google for the help.  My script is behaving just as I had envisioned it behaving -- perhaps a little bit more.  I'm really excited, and look forward to finishing the script.  The hardest part has been done: arranging objects in circles on the screen!

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